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The Elevate Program

The Formula for Creating Respectful Workplaces

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Hmmm…Did that just cross a line?

Now more than ever, it’s critical that employers are providing clear messages regarding what’s appropriate, and what’s not, when it comes to sexual harassment.

The personal toll is high for individuals who suffer harassment, as is the liability for the company they work for.

In 2015 alone, the EEOC recovered $165 million from harassment charges against employers and harassment negatively impacts a company’s reputation, overall retention rate, and employee productivity.

California and New York now require sexual harassment training for all employees.

Our Trainings Accomplish the Following:

  • Clear up confusion about the spectrum of what constitutes sexual harassment

  • Offer verbal and nonverbal strategies for employees and managers to set boundaries & to intervene when they witness harassment

  • Provide employees the tools they need to effectively navigate awkward moments and prevent escalation



Educate. Engage. Empower.

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The Elevate Approach


A Clear Sense of What a Respectful Workplace Looks and Feels Like

  • Our troupe of actors demonstrates appropriate behaviors and responses across a wide range of situations

  • Trainers provide strategies participants can implement immediately.

Realistic Training Goals

  • Training is geared towards modifying behavior, not necessarily changing long-held attitudes and beliefs.

  • Employees practice behaviors that are acceptable and leave with an understanding of personal boundaries.

Dynamic and Engaging Instruction for Lasting Impact

  • Research shows that interactive and experiential trainings yield the highest efficacy.

  • Our curriculum includes role-play with professional actors for realistic practice using new communication tools

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Program Options


Women’s Groups





All trainings include a needs assessment and are customized in length and content for your organization.


Who We are

Combined 37 years of experience working with individuals and organizations.


Lauren Roselle

Lauren is a nationally recognized expert in harassment and assault prevention, having led more than 1,000 workshops. Lauren’s 27 years of experience includes executive coaching, group trainings, and motivational public speaking, where she has reached thousands with her lively and enthusiastic teaching style. Lauren has a Master’s in Interpersonal Communication and is passionate in her mission for everyone to walk through the world with less fear and more confidence. www.esteemcommunication.org

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Berit Elizabeth

A dynamic corporate trainer, Berit incorporates the nonverbal science of emotion and actor training techniques to provide training that not only educates but engages every participant to the fullest. Berit has coached hundreds of professionals across financial, fitness, academia and nonprofit sectors to leverage body language and emotional intelligence to be effective in difficult conversations and presentations. She has a Master's degree in Psychology & Theater and a passion for people.


Let’s Work Together to Elevate Your Culture

 Why Live Training Over Online Training?

Interaction between Trainer and Participants and Immediate Q&A Sessions

Role Play Exercises for Practical Application

Training Is Customized to Meet the Group’s Needs

Live Training Confirms the Company’s Commitment to Creating a Respectful Workplace