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The Elevate Approach

Engaging empowered leaders for optimal personal and organizational impact.

Your employees' actions and decisions impact your organization every day.

The Elevate Program

  • Cultivates the leadership and communication skills needed to excel in personal and professional interactions

  • Prepares employees to thrive in inclusive and diverse workplaces

  • Provides them with clear verbal and nonverbal communication skills for resolving complicated situations

  • Develops ability to identify the gray areas of harassment and discrimination.

The experiences created in every training are designed to both inform split-second professional decisions and to transform future interpersonal interactions.

With over 40 years of combined experience, the Elevate Team will empower and prepare your employees to implement strategies from the moment they step out of the room that have a lasting impact on your organization’s culture.

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Program Overview

The Elevate Program equips employees with better workplace habits through the use of engaging “dress rehearsals” with real actors who simulate workplace challenges in a theater improv setting. Participants are empowered to develop their own scenarios for maximum educational benefit. 

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Cultural Awareness & Equitable Leadership

Interaction generates influence. Every action and every word affects our personal and professional environment. Identifying managerial blind spots leads to positive and equitable leadership and management. Developing diverse and culturally rich teams and environments expands our vision, enriches our values, and pushes us far beyond the boundaries of our own limitations.  Though many companies understand that a lack of diversity negatively impacts the organization, leaders often do not realize the unconscious resistance that impacts who they aren’t seeing and what they aren’t hearing.


Communicating with Confidence                             

Assertiveness is not a personality trait - it is a communication style that can be learned. Direct communication can reduce conflict, build self-confidence, and enhance personal and work relationships. Assertive communicators both get their own needs met and respect the needs of others. Whether it’s facilitating a meeting, encouraging a colleague, addressing problematic behavior, or giving and receiving constructive criticism, effective interpersonal communication is the key to getting results.

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Cultivating Emotive Agility                             

Our body language and the emotional tone we bring into a conversation undoubtedly influences the reaction we elicit and the magnitude of our impact. Whether it’s difficult conversations with employees or customer service and sales interactions, our nonverbal communication is impacting every word we speak. How can leaders and associates become more agile at managing emotions when communicating in order to produce the best outcomes? Cultivating Emotive Agility starts with an awareness of how emotional intelligence and body language intersect. 

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